Central Middle School Representatives, Class Parents and Volunteers

The Central Middle School Representatives for the 2017-2018 school year are:

Darcy Carn
Denise DiSarno
Amy Medina
Shannon Seyda 
Central Middle School Representative (Grades 6-8)

In addition to the responsibilities listed on the School Representative Page, the following are added responsibilities for Central Middle School. 

  • Coordinate volunteers for Back-to-School Night.
  • Obtain volunteers for 7th and 8th grade dances.
  • Assist with Holiday and End of Year parties.
  • Assist with year-end awards.
  • Host an informal post-graduation reception in the gym.
Parent Volunteers - Central Middle School

Central Middle School has no appointed Class Parents, but it does have a great need for parent volunteers. The faculty, school office staff, and school representatives often seek parent volunteers to assist with many of the special programs and events held during the course of the school year. Some examples are:

  • Collect class dues at Back-to-School Night.
  • Chaperone dances several times throughout the school year (approximately 4-6 volunteers are needed).
  • Help photographer on student picture day.
  • Class trips - parent volunteers are occasionally requested.
  • Assist with the Central Middle School play.
  • Band Parents are responsible for fundraising (Poinsettia sale Nov/Dec), coordinating/chaperoning band trips, and providing support at concerts and events.
  • Provide assistance at holiday party and year-end picnic.
  • Graduation Reception: we need several volunteers (not 8th grade parents) to assist with setting up, serving during and cleaning up after the Graduation Reception.
  • PTO-sponsored grade-specific events are a great way to volunteer in the school. We need many helpers to make these events a success. They include Medieval Day for 6th graders and Victorian Day for 7th graders. Your assistance in these events is truly appreciated by the students and faculty.
 We hope that Central Middle School parents will volunteer and help support these special programs and events. Specific requests for volunteers will be sent home with students.

Food Day Parent Volunteers
Central School Food Days are 11:00am-12:30pm on Mondays, Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Fridays. Parent volunteers help hand out the food to the students. We need 2-3 volunteers per crew. Crews work about every 2 weeks.
To volunteer at Central, please contact Amy Medina at afmedina1@verizon.net.