Gillette School Representatives, Class Parents and Volunteers

The Gillette School Representatives for the 2017-2018 school year are:

Florencia Squizziato
Tracy Doherty
Kathy Loveland 

Gillette School Representative (KIT, SKIP, Kindergarten & 1st Grade)

In addition to the responsibilities listed on the School Representative Page, the following are added responsibilities for Gillette School Representatives. 
  • Coordinate Back to School Bus Chaperones and provide transportation for chaperones to or from Gillette School.
  • Coordinate and support Class Moms.
  • Back to School Social: Coordinate volunteers and purchase popsicles.
  • Schedule monthly Spirit Days and send out reminders.
  • Be available to assist at PTO special events as needed.
  • Holiday Shop: Coordinate volunteers, work with vendor.
  • Organize annual Coat Drive
  • Family Reading Night: Coordinate volunteers, purchase snacks, etc.
  • Kindergarten Registration: copying, greeting parents, etc.
  • 1st Grade picnic: order lunch and collect money from Class Moms. Coordinates games with Class Moms to avoid duplication.
  • Field Day: Purchase snacks and popsicles.
Class Parents: Gillette School

Class Parents are volunteers selected by the teachers at Gillette School during the first week in September. If you are interested in being a class parent it is usually best to send in a note to the teacher during the first few days of school.

The PTO strongly recommends that you do not volunteer to be a Class Parent for more than one child. Working parents who have volunteered to be a Class Parent are expected to be present at all class parties and events, or to arrange for a replacement. Serving as Class Parent does not automatically entitle you to be selected as a chaperone for a class trip. Chaperones will be selected by drawings if slots are limited. Also, priority will be given to those parents whose children have special medical needs.

Questions and concerns should be addressed to the Head Rep for your school.

Class Parents have many responsibilities. Before volunteering, please be sure that you can be accountable for all of the obligations and responsibilities outlined below.

  • Receive and review class list. This list must be distributed to parents no later than one week after Back-to-School Night. Class Parents must receive authorization from parents to publish their phone numbers on the class list.
  • Run all class parties at the direction of the teacher. Organize refreshments, games, and activities, as needed. Other parents may be included to help prepare and run the parties.
  • Teachers often have specific classroom activities/practices and it is the responsibility of the Class Parents to assist in carrying out these traditions.
  • Collect class dues. Dues are currently $10 and are used to help subsidize the cost of craft supplies, refreshments, and other necessities for class parties.
  • Sign up and schedule volunteers (at Back-to-School Night) to provide refreshments and other necessities for class parties. You are also responsible for reminding those volunteers as the class party approaches.
  • Chaperone the class trip (occasionally limited to a specific number of Class Parents).

Each teacher may request additional assistance during the course of the year. For example, traditional events have included helping the first grade students with the building of the holiday gingerbread houses, and assisting students during a grade-specific event.

Parent Volunteers
Gillette School Food Day Parent Volunteers
Food Days are 11:30am-12:30pm on Wednesdays. 
Parents help hand out the food to the students. We need 2 volunteers per crew. Crews work about every 2 weeks
To volunteer at Gillette, please contact Dina Lapetina at

Library Assistants
Gillette School librarians are happy to have the assistance of parents who volunteer to help on a rotating schedule. These volunteers help the librarians check out and re-shelve books. They also occasionally repair and restore books. Volunteers may sign-up in September and choose a weekly or semimonthly schedule for the entire school year. Please be aware that siblings cannot be accommodated.